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Smartphone Tips: When giving the phone to friends, turn on this setting, they will not be able to see important information on the smartphone

New Delhi: Smartphone Safety : No one needs to tell you how important the phone is and how much your important data is stored in it. However, there are times when you need to give your phone to someone else. But, there is always the fear that the person may not see or steal the data in your phone. Thus, you can eliminate your fear by making a setting. You can use screen pinning for this. Screen pinning is a very useful feature in smartphones. Screen pinning is a feature in Android smartphones. By which you pin a specific app on the phone screen. That is, in this, the other person is allowed to access only one app. Other users are only able to use apps you’ve pinned. Apart from this, all other apps are locked.

How to do screen pinning?

You can find Screen Pinning Feature in Settings in Android phone. First of all, go to phone settings and select security from here. Many phones now have this feature built in. You need to go to Security Features in Security. Apart from this, many phones have also changed the name of the feature. Some may have a PIN in the name of Windows. Some may have a PIN in the name of the app. From here you have to turn on the screen pinning option. Here at the bottom you will see another option. Which will be of password while unpinning. Turn that on too.

Now you can come out i.e home screen. After this, open the app you want to pin. After opening the app, you have to click on Recent App on the home screen. All open apps will appear here. Now press and hold the icon of the app you want to pin. Along with this, there will be many options at the bottom. At the bottom you will see the Pin app option. Click on it. The app will be pinned and the other person can only use that app.

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