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Smartphone Tips: These mistakes shorten the life of the smartphone, if you follow simple tricks, the phone will run for years,

New Delhi:Smartphone Tips: In today’s high-tech era, almost everyone has a smartphone. Online shopping or even government issues. From education to entertainment, all these things can be done easily with the help of mobile nowadays. If you don’t take care of these things, your phone may break down quickly. In this case, the life of your smartphone is very short. In addition, it can cause many problems or cause many functions to stop working. In such a situation mobile phone users have to face many problems. Today, let us learn about some of the mistakes that shorten the life of a smartphone.

Do not use fast charger:

You are not charging your smartphone with its original charger if you are using a fast charger. So, be careful. Doing so can damage your phone very quickly. So always charge your smartphone with its original charger.

Take care of safety:

Often your phone accidentally falls down. In such cases, the phone may break down and cause financial loss. Keep a cover on your phone to prevent this from happening.


Often people keep the storage of their smartphone completely Occupied. Doing so has a detrimental effect on the health of the mobile phone. In addition, the phone hangs quickly if the phone’s storage is overused. For this reason, you should keep the phone memory free.


Many users sleep with their smartphones charged while sleeping at night. Doing so may impair the charging capacity of the phone. In addition, your smartphone can have a variety of problems. Never charge your smartphone too much in such a situation.

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