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Smartphone Tips: Recover deleted photos from memory card with the help of these tricks

New Delhi: Tips To Recover Deleted Photos: Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. And of course it also has a great camera. So that you can take any photo you want. This is because everyone has a lot of photos in their phone. Most people keep photos in the card without storing the phone in memory so that there is no hassle when changing the phone. Moreover, photo transfer is also easy. But, often there are many photos on the card that you have never used. Which you don’t even want to delete. Sometimes, if it is accidentally deleted unknowingly, there is also tension. Even if a photo is accidentally deleted, it can be easily recovered. Look forward to tips.

If the photo has been deleted from your memory card, you do not need to format the card in any way. If you format it, all the data will be gone and it will be difficult to recover the deleted photo. If the card is installed in the phone, stop taking photos from then on. Because when you delete something from the card, it is not completely destroyed, it is hidden.

You will need data recovery apps for this. You can download Recuva software on your Windows PC. On the other hand, if you have a Mac computer, you can download the Photorec application. Once the software is installed on the computer, connect the card to the PC via phone or card reader. Now there is an option to insert the card directly into the PC and laptop and you can connect it.

Once the card is connected to the PC, you can check it by going to My PC. See also what name it is available there. In many PCs it is available under the name I, in some H etc. After that, open any downloaded software Recuva or Photorec. As soon as the program starts, you will be asked for Disk Path, give Card Path. This will start scanning your card. Let it scan completely. Once scanned, the card will have a complete list of all previously available photos.

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