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Smartphone Tips: Mobile screen gets damaged due to ‘these’ reasons, be careful, the screen will remain shiny

Smartphone Burn: Users make a lot of inquiries before buying a new smartphone. They take great care of the camera, processor, battery as well as the display of the phone. The screen of the phone is the most used. Be it a game, a favorite video or a video call. All this is enjoyed only when the display of the phone is good. People also use tempered glass and lamination protection to protect mobile screens. But, after some time after buying a new smartphone, a mobile problem appears on the screen. If your phone display is also a bit blurry or a bit damaged, today we are going to tell you the reasons for the malfunction in the smartphone display, this screen burn is also known as ghost image. Let us know more details of this display problem.

Keep Changing Theme

How to protect smartphone from screen burn-in? Limited use of mobile phone themes is also an important step to avoid this problem. Keep changing the theme of the smartphone, so that the theme and other tools do not stay the same. Do not always keep the brightness level at a high point in the mobile. If possible, keep the brightness of the smartphone in ‘Auto Mode’ so that it changes automatically. It will be better if you disable the Always On Display feature in your mobile phone.



Wallpaper has been used in smartphones for a long time. So, the images and colors in that wallpaper appear on the phone’s display. Similarly, the notification bar at the top of the display and the navigation bar at the bottom always remain in the same position. Which gradually shows its effect on the screen. At the same time, the clock, calendar and written screen text on the lock screen are also factors in screen burn-in. The most important thing to avoid screen burn-in in mobile phone is to not use any wallpaper or background image in mobile phone for long time.


Why Screen Burn


Phone screen burn in problem and solution: For example if the same theme is kept on the phone for several months, the text and colors of that theme start to leave their shadow or imprint on the phone screen. These colors, text, and symbols appear continuously on the transparent display, and even after opening any other app or window in the phone, the same colors and symbols appear on the back of the screen. That is, using static photos or themes for long periods of time is the biggest cause of screen burn. If you are doing this too, stop immediately.


Screen Burn In


How does the screen burn-in in the phone? Screen burn-in of the phone, discoloration of the display and blurred image quality are not due to any external factor or defect but due to an internal problem of the phone. The way we use our phone also has some effect on this problem. Screen burn-in problems usually occur when a graphic, wallpaper, or app tool is left open on the phone for long periods of time without changing its position or even moving.


Screen Burn


What is screen burn-in or ghost image? Many times some spots appear on the smartphone screen by itself and the color of the screen does not show on those spots. Screen burn-in or ghost image is the condition in which this color is degraded in mobile displays. As the phone gets old, its screen color also starts to deteriorate. Text and icons don’t look like they used to. Colors start to fade and the inside of the phone’s screen appears to have some smudges.

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