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Smartphone Tips: Is the smartphone slow? Use these simple tips to increase speed


  • Can easily increase the speed of the old phone.
  • The phone needs to be updated frequently.
  • Empty storage by deleting unnecessary apps.

New Delhi : It is impossible to do many things without a smartphone. In everyone’s hands today smart Fone Can be seen. From online payments to ordering meals, many tasks become possible through this device. Therefore, smartphones also need to work fast to get things done faster. However, due to overuse, the smartphone works slowly.

As the smartphone slows down, we consider buying new ones. But, we are going to tell you some tricks so that you don’t have to buy a new phone and you can use the old phone as a new handset. For this you need to make some changes in the settings of the phone. This will increase the speed of the phone. Let’s learn more about this.

Update the phone

Smartphones need to be updated from time to time. To do this go to phone settings. The System Update option appears here. Clicking on it will show you what the update is for the phone. You can then update the phone.

or apsala quick delete

Often your phone is full of different apps. If you have similar unwanted apps on your phone, delete them immediately. Some apps run in the background of the phone. Such apps should also be removed from the phone.

delete unnecessary files

If the phone contains large files, videos or photos, delete them immediately. This empties the storage.

Reset the phone

You can also reset the phone. That is, if all the data in the phone is deleted, the device will be as new as before. However, don’t forget to back up data before reset.

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