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Smartphone Tips: Frequently Filled Smartphone Storage? Using these 3 simple tips will solve the problem; See details


  • The problem of smartphone storage will be easily removed.
  • Make use of cloud storage.
  • It will be beneficial to change the WhatsApp settings.

Navi Delhi: We all have to deal with the storage problem of smartphones from time to time. Many apps, photos-videos cause storage to fill up quickly. The phone also comes with 64GB and 128GB storage which fills up quickly. If you are also experiencing this problem then we are going to give you some simple tips which will definitely help you.

Quickly deleting unnecessary apps, photos, videos from the phone will reduce your halves of the problem. Alternatively, you can use cloud storage.

Upload to the cloud

You have iPhone or Android Smartphone The phone will have cloud support if you are using. In Android phones Google Cloud, Dropbox and Google Drive, while iPhone users can save data on Apple Cloud. You can save photos, videos and other files from the phone to the drive. Whether you have a phone or not, you can access this data from anywhere.

Delete the cache

Storage fills up quickly due to cache files. Demprey data is saved if you open any app. So first go to the phone’s settings. Go to storage option by clicking on apps here. Now you can clear the cache in the phone.

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WhatsApp data

Today, everyone uses WhatsApp for messaging. However, WhatsApp is also the biggest reason behind the full storage in the phone. Because, photos, videos and files from WhatsApp are stored on the device. To do this, go to Settings and turn off Media Visibilty.

In WhatsApp you will get the option of storage and data. Click on Manage Storage Options here. Now you will see files larger than 5 MB of data here. This will allow you to delete unnecessary files.



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