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Smartphone Tips: Don’t forget to clean your smartphone with these things, it will be badly damaged in minutes

Smartphone Tips:  If you want to dazzle your smartphone, then you should not clean it in a hurry, because it can damage the smartphone.

Smartphone Cleaning by best tools: If you want to clean your smartphone in the best way, then you should have many types of tools, which are used to polish the smartphone. Although some people do the work of cleaning them with the help of wrong tools. In such a situation, the smartphone gets badly damaged, and you have to spend thousands of rupees to get it repaired again. Today we are going to tell you about some such smartphone cleaning tools that you must keep with you. Due to these things, the smartphone will also be clean and there will be no damage of any kind in it.

microfiber cloth 

If you want to shine your smartphone’s display and its body safely, then you should not use any cloth lying in the house to do this, because some people do the same and use any old cloth in the house. After that start cleaning the smartphone. But by doing this, the display and body of the smartphone may get scratched or its paint may come out. You should always use a microfiber cloth, it is soft as well as absorbs dust particles very well.

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Use alcohol cleaner 

Some people use water based cleaner to clean the smartphone, but doing so can damage the smartphone. Actually, water cleaners go inside your smartphone and get frozen here, which can cause water damage in your smartphone. Due to this, not only does the display, microphone get damaged, as well as it can also damage the circuit of the smartphone and it can stop working completely.



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