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Smartphone Tips: Beware! These apps are not there even in your smartphone, they are causing damage in many ways, uninstall immediately

Beware from Dangerous App: If you use a smartphone, then read this news carefully. This news will help to improve the battery life of your phone. Actually, Google has recently removed 16 apps from the Play Store. These apps have been removed because they were draining the battery very fast and consuming a lot of mobile data. Apart from this, some of these apps were also involved in ad fraud. In such a situation, it is important that you check your phone whether you have still installed any of these apps. We will tell you about all these 16 apps.

McAfee caught the error of these apps

According to Ars Technica, many of these 16 apps were running in the background on the webpage, clicking on different ads present there. Such activity of these apps was identified by cyber security firm McAfee. According to the report, these apps fall under the category of utility apps. Many of these are being used for currency conversion, torch, QR code scanning among others. But the surprising thing is that background functions were found in all these apps. McAfee reportedly found that these apps automatically download a code without any notice to the users and also lead to different web pages. After this, they also click on app links and advertisements present on those web pages.

There is also a risk of malware coming in the phone from these apps.

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Apart from engaging in advertising related activities on their own, another drawback found in these apps is that they not only consume more mobile battery due to excessive background activity but also drain mobile data quickly. Apart from this, there is also a risk of malware getting into the smartphone due to these apps.

These are the apps removed from Google Play Store

  • Quick Note
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Ez Notes
  • com.candlencom.flashlite
  • com.doubleline.calcul
  • Flashlight+
  • Joycode
  • EzDica
  • Currency Converter
  • BusanBus
  • 8K-Dictionary
  • com.smh.memocalendar memocalendar
  • Flashlight+
  • Smart Task Manager
  • High-Speed Camera


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