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Smartphone speaker will be clear at home, just have to make these changes

New Delhi. If your smartphone speaker is getting dirty then you can easily clean it at home. You don’t even have to do anything special for this. All you need is a toothbrush and easily your phone’s speaker will be right at home. Along with this, the sound will also start coming completely clear. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods.

If the speaker of your phone is bad then you can put on thinner and it can easily clean the speaker of the phone. But for this, you have to use a light brush because using the bus too fast can also damage the speaker of the phone. Also, the speaker of many phones also gets damaged due to waterlogging. Therefore, your thinner will also have to be used very carefully. Because due to more days water will get in the phone and it can also spoil the motherboard.

Earbuds are usually used to clean the ears, but with this you can easily clean the speaker of the phone as well. But the condition is that you also do not have to use it with much pressure. Using too fast can cause the speaker of the phone to be dead forever. But if you clean it, its specialty is that it completely cleans the phone and your phone is fixed forever. But before doing this, you should take advice from someone once.

Your phone speaker can also be cleaned with the help of cotton. Cotton is usually used only to clean the mess. But you can use it by putting it in something that is a little hard and easy to clean. Therefore, you should also use it with a little thinner before using it, so that it can clean the dirt easily.

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