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Smartphone Safety: Keep your bank details safe if you lose or fall your mobile phone in a hurry, see tips

New Delhi:Smartphone Lost : It would not be wrong to say that smartphone is now the most important necessity in everyone’s life. Nowadays, all important tasks are done with the help of smartphones. In case the phone is stolen, lost or misplaced. So, all work stops. Moreover, when the phone is stolen, there is also the tension that the bank details should not get into the hands of others. Nowadays many people use digital payments. So if your phone is stolen, thieves can access your bank account through a payment app and empty it using your ID. Follow some tips without panicking. By doing this you can secure your bank account.

Block the SIM card

Block you SIM card when your smartphone is stolen. So that thieves cannot misuse your SIM. All payment apps in the OTP based phone will be automatically blocked when the SIM card is blocked. By doing this you can keep your bank account safe.

Report phone theft:

First, report the phone theft. In which you tell all the details properly. After this take a copy of the FIR from them. Tomorrow your sim card or mobile is misused. Money was stolen from the bank account. So, you can clearly show the FIR copy.

Deactivate Mobile Banking Services:

Everyone makes digital payments these days. Hence, mobile apps of banks are downloaded in most people’s smartphones. It requires mobile number and OTP. This is why it is important that you block mobile banking immediately.

Deactivate UPI Payment :

After the mobile phone is stolen, thieves try to access your bank accounts. Which can be costly. So turn off online services on your mobile phone without delay.

Close Mobile Wallet:

Mobile wallets have made payments easier these days. But, if your phone is stolen, thieves can completely empty your bank account with the help of this mobile wallet. So, if the phone is stolen, call the customer care of the mobile wallet you are using and block your mobile wallet.

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