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Smartphone Safety: If you also make ‘these’ mistakes while using your smartphone, the smartphone will soon break down

Smartphone Tips: If someone says they don’t use a smartphone, they won’t believe it right away. Because nowadays, everyone from school children to the elderly uses smartphones. The phone has become a part of modern life. Because, it is used to do many things. From online shopping to online classes, smartphones have made life easier for everyone. But, often users do not take proper care while using smartphone. If you are also a smartphone user, avoid making these mistakes. If you don’t pay attention to this in time, your personal information can get into the wrong hands. At the same time, you may have to bear the financial loss. You should not be harmed in this way. So, today we are going to tell you in detail about some of the most common and biggest smartphone mistakes.

Public Wi-Fi

Using a public Wi-Fi network: Public Wi-Fi networks are cheap and easy to use. Which many people use. However, before using free Wi-Fi, these can be a threat to network security. It is also important to know. Connected to this network, hackers can easily view information sent over public Wi-Fi networks. This will allow hackers to steal users’ information and access their device remotely. If you need to use a public Wi-Fi network, make sure you use a VPN when connecting to the Internet.


Old Apps


Updates important : Some users do not like notifications that new software updates are available for apps. But, it helps the device to run safely. These updates not only focus on improving the user experience, but also include security patches that address newly discovered errors. These updates are very important and ignoring them can expose your device to malware attacks. In addition, these updates also fix some bugs. Which can damage your handset. Updates should be downloaded as soon as possible each time.

Android OS


Android OS: Mobile brands are constantly sharing software as well as security updates for mobile OS (Android). Some of these are necessary because they bring new features and design elements to your device, while others are security updates. Which protects the phone from dangerous apps and other similar threats. Your smartphone needs to download this update to run glitch-free. So if you want your smartphone to run better for longer, pay attention to the updates.




Google Play Store: Some users try to find other sources for apps. When they can’t find it on the Google Play Store. Using unauthorized sources and third party apps store is not recommended. This is because downloading apps from it can expose their devices to malware and dangerous apps. These malicious apps can infect devices, including viruses and spyware. Which can steal users’ personal information, passwords and even banking details.


Wrong Charger


Using the wrong charger: Many people make this mistake when using the phone. Many users have a misconception that all chargers are the same. They think any charger will work as long as the cable connector sits in their phone. However, it is important to have the right charger. This is because duplicate chargers not only pose a risk of fire and short circuit but can also damage your smartphone in the short to long term. Always buy reliable brand chargers after checking their safety and guidelines.

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