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Smartphone network will be doubled! The tower will be full as soon as you apply this sticker


  • This sticker increases the signal of the smartphone
  • Effect visible in minutes
  • This network booster is like any normal speaker

New Delhi. There is such a technology in the market now that you can make your important tasks easier. The phone was invented decades ago, but the problem that persists with it is that the network disappears, in fact, when you go to a remote area or go to a big house, then your smartphone stops coming to the network. And because of this you are not able to make calls and messages from your phone. For years, people have been trying to find a solution to this problem, but till now nothing special has happened. However, now there is a special kind of sticker in the market, which is being said that it increases the network of your smartphone. You must be surprised to hear this, but there is such a sticker on online shopping sites that claims to increase the signal of your smartphone. So let’s know what is this sticker and how does it work.

Actually this is a network booster sticker that can be put on your smartphone, it looks like a normal sticker but it is said that it is made of a special kind of chip which proves to be helpful in increasing the signal of the smartphone.

You have to stick this sticker on the back panel of your smartphone, after that whenever you make a call or message, this sticker does its work and increases the signal of the smartphone. How effective it is, we cannot tell about it, but now many online shopping sites, customers are paying attention to this special type of sticker which is the subject of discussion. If it really works then it can prove to be very helpful for the smartphone.

If we talk about the price of this speaker, then it is around one thousand rupees. In such a situation, customers can easily buy it and also test it by themselves.

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