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Smartphone Network: Use these abandoned tricks if important office calls are frequently dropped due to bad network, network will run superfast


  • The best signal you will get in a smartphone
  • Calling and messaging will also be smooth
  • These simple tips will work

Navi Delhi: If your smartphone is constantly having network problem and it is causing you a lot of problems in calling and messaging, then with the help of some simple tricks you can get rid of this problem. Many times users have to go through this problem, there are many reasons behind it. Today we are going to tell you some such tips. With which you can increase the signal of the smartphone by 50%. Learn more about these tips and how to use them.

hard Do not use plastic cover:

If you want to keep your smartphone safe, you can use a simple silicone cover. These covers keep the smartphone safe. Also, do not interfere with the signal in any way. Some people have been using thick plastic covers in their smartphones for years for greater safety. Which causes the signal to jam. If you have such a cover in your smartphone, remove it immediately, this will regulate the signal.

Change the method of holding the smartphone:

When using a smartphone, some people grab it in such a way that the back and sides of the phone get damaged. Lack of network in smart phones can also be a major reason. If you have a similar problem, change the way you carry your smartphone right away. Hold the phone down, this will increase the signal.

Use smartphones in large and spacious rooms:

Many times the design of your house or room does not signal it. In this case, you do not need to go out of the house, you just have to sit in a room with a little more space and use a smartphone. In such rooms the signal can easily travel and reach your smartphone.

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