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smartphone hangs again and again, fix it in a pinch sitting at home, know the easy solution

If your smartphone hangs frequently while using it, then you too can easily fix the performance of the phone while sitting at home. learn easy solution

  • The performance of smartphones starts decreasing with time, due to which they often hang.
  • The phone starts hanging even after running multiple apps simultaneously in the smartphone.
  • For this, you should delete the cache files of the phone from time to time so that the smartphone does not hang.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a minute without a smartphone. We have become too dependent on smartphones. From shopping, bill payment, ticket booking and connecting with family and friends around us, we are also dependent on smartphones. This is the reason that whenever we buy a smartphone for ourselves, we take full care that the phone does not hang during day to day use. Many times the mobile phone hangs so much while working that the phone stops completely. If you are also troubled by the hanging of your smartphone, then today we have come up with some easy solutions for you, with the help of which you can get rid of the problem of hanging of the mobile phone sitting at home.

First of all know why the phone hangs?

There is no single reason why a smartphone hangs. Your phone may hang due to many reasons. For example, your phone has less RAM and you are running multiple (more than one) apps. The cache file has been stored in the phone or the phone has not been updated. Any of these can be the reason, due to which the call occurs. Now we will give you detailed information about each reason and tell you how you can save the phone from hanging.

Delete cache file?

Cache files are additional resource files stored in our phone which help the installed app in the phone to work smoothly. However, when these files are stored in large quantities, it affects the performance of the phone. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you can delete the cache file from time to time. To delete the cache file, you go to the storage option of the phone, from there you can easily delete them. Not only this, Android users can also delete the phone’s cache file by going to the ‘App Info’ option. 

Avoid using multiple apps at once

If you run many apps simultaneously in the phone then you should avoid it. Especially when your phone has less RAM storage. Doing this puts more stress on your phone’s RAM and affects the performance of the phone. If your phone’s RAM is less, then we would advise you to run more than one app at a time in your phone. By doing this the memory management of the phone will be fine and your phone will not hang.

keep software updated

If you have deleted the cache file of the phone and are not using multiple apps and still the phone is hanging during repeated use, then you have to update the software of the phone. Many times the phone starts hanging even if the software of the phone is not updated. Along with this, it is necessary to update the apps you use on the phone from time to time. If the phone or apps are not updated, some resource files are missing, due to which the phone starts hanging. In such a situation, our advice would be that you must update both the phone and the apps on time.

restart phone

The performance of the phone starts decreasing over time. This is the reason why the phone starts hanging gradually. For the phone not to hang, we should take the above measures like deleting the cache file from time to time, updating software and apps, running multiple apps. Along with this, the phone should also be restarted from time to time. On restarting the phone, the temporary files stored in the phone are deleted and the memory management of the phone is reset. The speed of the phone gets fixed and the performance of the phone gets fixed.


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