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Smartphone Charging Tips: Your phone will be fully charged in a pinch, just don’t do this work

Smartphone Charging Tips you must avoid for Better Battery Life: In today’s time, because all our work is done on our smartphone, it is very important that our phone battery and phone’s charging feature is good. While buying a phone, we definitely see how the phone’s battery is, but generally we do some such things, due to which the charging speed of the phone becomes very low and the phone’s battery also starts draining quickly. Let us know what are the things that you should not do so that the charging speed of your phone can be increased.

Do not use another phone’s charger

Whenever we charge our smartphone and are in a hurry, we do not see whether the charger of the phone is from our phone company or not. If the charger pin fits into our charging port, we can charge our phone. Let us tell you that this is a big reason for the slow charging of the phone because if you do not use the charger of your own phone, then the battery will not charge at the speed it should be.

Be careful not to damage the charging port

If there is a slight problem with the charging port of your smartphone or if it is broken or bad then the charging will be slow and the connection with the cable will not be good. That’s why it is important that you show your smartphone to a service center and get your charging port fixed or else your smartphone will take more time to charge.

Avoid Wireless Charging

Although people are liking wireless charging a lot in today’s time, but you will be surprised to know that there is an old way of charging better than this. When you use wireless charging, it may happen that your induction coil gets overheated and the phone starts slow charging.

There are many such points by taking care of which you can avoid slow charging of the phone.  


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