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Smartphone Battery: Pay attention to the battery health of the mobile to avoid damage, check ‘this’ and increase backup with ‘these’ tips

New Delhi: Smartphone Battery Life : In today’s hi-tech and digital age, a smartphone is a necessity for everyone. As many tasks are done on the mobile and excessive use of the mobile also drains the battery quickly. But, if your phone is consuming more battery than necessary and you are worried about phone battery backup, this special information is for you. Today we are going to tell you how to check phone battery health and increase battery backup. Some simple tips can help in this. Importantly, not all smartphones have an option to check battery health and temperature. In such a situation, users have to take the help of Third Party Apps.

Some Android brands like Samsung give you some options to know the battery details. But, they are not enough. For accurate battery health and temperature information, you need to download Accu Battery app from Google Play Store. This app is easy to use and also provides precise and accurate information related to battery.

It is always advised to charge the phone battery only up to 80 percent. Because, full charging for long time affects the capacity of the battery and can damage the battery quickly. With the help of this app you can easily do this task and manage battery health. On the Accu Battery app, you can set alarms based on the battery charging level. If the 80 percent alarm is set, this app will start sounding the alarm when the phone’s battery is 80 percent charged.

The app also checks the battery temperature during charging and gaming and alerts when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees. Along with this, this app also records all the details related to battery and charging. So you can see Smartphone Battery Life, charging time and temperature anytime. You will also get deep sleep feature in this app. With the help of which you can further increase the battery backup of your phone.

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