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Smartphone Apps Are Spying On You! Do this work immediately to stop

How to stop apps from tracking your location on your Smartphone: Where were you yesterday and in which location are you today. All these information is known to the phone kept in your pocket. Some third party apps are exposing your privacy. But there is no need to take tension. We’re going to tell you things that will help you stop apps from tracking your location. You can stop these apps from tracking you. Let’s tell how…

Social media apps: These are some of the most notorious apps that track your location and in many cases, location tracking is completely unnecessary. If these apps are tracking your location data, then disabling them immediately is the right option.

Ridesharing apps: Ridesharing apps like Uber and Ola need to track your location so that drivers know where to come. But at the same time, this app continuously tracks in which location you are. So enable location only when you need these apps.

Streaming apps: Even video streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video can track your location. So that they can remove those content from your reach which is not available in your location.

How to block specific apps from accessing your location data on Android: If you want, you can turn off location access for all apps, but it could mean that many of them stop working entirely. Let us explain how we can restrict location data. Go to Settings>Click on “Apps & Notifications” option>Click on “App Permissions”>Scroll down and click on “Location” option.>After that you will see a list of apps that track your location Huh. You can choose to turn it off.

How to Restrict Specific Apps from Accessing Your Location Data on iOS: The process is similar on iOS. If you want to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or just restrict certain apps, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, where you can choose to turn off Location Services entirely or choose those apps There are those who can choose your location.

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