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Smartphone and Solar will become cheap! Jackpot of 3384 crores in the hands of India

New Delhi. The cost of smartphones and solar panels may come down in the coming days. Because India has got a big treasure in its hands. This is known as Lithium. Simply put, India has got huge reserves of Lithium. Large reserves of lithium have been found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Let us tell you that this is the first time that large reserves of lithium have been found in India.

Why lithium becomes so important
However, the question arises as to how smartphones and solar systems will become cheaper after getting lithium, then let us tell you that batteries for smartphones, smartwatches, solar and electric vehicles are made from lithium. Every single rechargeable battery in India is made of Lithium. Till now, India used to completely import lithium from other countries to make lithium ion batteries. However, now India has got such a huge lithium reserve, that half of India’s needs can be met.

These products can be cheap
It is reasonable that India is moving towards making electric vehicles on a large scale. Also, India is a big smartphone market, for which lithium ion batteries are used. For these reasons, electric vehicles, smartphones, smartwatches and lithium ion battery based products can become cheaper in the coming days.

Lithium demand increased by 1000 percent
Explain that the cost of one ton lithium ion battery is Rs 57.3 lakh. 59 lakh tonnes of lithium reserves have been found in India. Its valuation is around Rs 3,384 billion. Australia is at the forefront of lithium production. After this, the number of Chile and China comes. In the last ten years, an increase of 1000 percent has been recorded in the demand for lithium.


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