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Smart Plug: Electricity bill will be very low, this smart plug will reduce the cost to half.

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Electricity bill will be very low, this smart plug will reduce the electricity bill by half.

Due to winter, gadgets like geysers, heaters, electric kettles are being used extensively in homes. In such a situation, the electricity bill is also coming accordingly. People are left in tears after seeing the bill, but now this will not happen with you. This smart plug can prove to be the best device for you. When you use it, your electricity bill will automatically be reduced to half. After which your expenses will also reduce. You are getting this plug at a very low price on online e-commerce platforms.

QUBO 10A WiFi + BT Smart Plug

In this smart plug you get Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity. Through which you can control the devices in your home by installing its app. To control all you have to do is connect the plug to the app. After this, after filling water and charging the laptop, it automatically switches off. Through this, you can easily control TV, Air Purifiers, Mobile and Laptop Chargers etc.

It can turn on-off automatically according to the time you set. In this you also get the benefit of voice control, you can also control it using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

smart plug

Appliance Compatibility

This will be beneficial

Often people forget to switch on the buttons of water pump, AC, geyser iron, charger, electric kettle, TV and lamps etc. With the help of this plug you can control them. You can save energy through the app. You just have to connect this plug to the switch of the water pump. You have to set a timer on the app, like the water pump should start every morning at 7 am and then it should stop after 20 minutes. This will also save your electricity. In this way you can connect everything and take advantage of it.

Price and availability

Although its original price is Rs 1,990, but you can buy it on e-commerce platform. Amazon You can buy it for only Rs 759 with 62 percent discount. Also if you want QUBO Company You can also buy it from its official website.

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