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Smart Contact Lens became a boon for cancer patients! tears will cure

New Delhi. Scientists in America have developed a contact lens that is effective in early detection of cancer and also helps in treatment. The lens has been designed by a team from the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation in California. The team was able to capture and identify the exosomes. Exosomes are nanometer-sized vesicles that have the potential to be diagnostic cancer biomarkers.

These lenses were designed with antibodies present with microchambers that can capture the exosomes that are found in tears. This antibody signaling microchamber contact lens can be stained for detection with nanoparticle stained antibodies for selective visualization.

It offers a promising platform and supportive diagnostic tool for cancer pre-screening that is simple, fast, sensitive, cost-effective. Exosomes are formed within most cells and are secreted into many bodily fluids, such as plasma, saliva, and tears. Scientists have also discovered after a lot of research that exosomes can carry different biomolecules i.e. biomolecules between cells.

However, the TIBI team in California has captured exosomes from tears using the ACSM-CL technique. This is a better and cleaner way to capture exosomes from blood, urine or saliva. Ali Khademhosini, exosomes are good sources of markers and biomolecules that can be targeted for many biomedical applications.

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