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Small black holes are coming to shake the solar system including the Earth: Study

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Those interested in space must have heard the name of black hole. These are places in space about which nothing has been known yet. It is said that no object can pass through them. Not even light. Now space scientists have done a study which has increased their concern a lot.

The study says that some small black holes, which have been forming since the beginning of the universe, can destabilize the orbit of the Earth and other planets in the solar system. Scientists say that if this conjecture proves to be correct, and black holes pass through the vicinity of the solar system, it will have a major impact on the orbits of the planets and their satellites. They may wobble from their intended orbit. It is being said that these black holes are going to pass through the solar system every ten years.

black hole The very idea of ​​its existence, and of concealing itself in the vastness of the universe, remains to create uneasiness in the mind. The potential consequences of their occurrence create even more concern. Scientists are saying that if these mysterious cosmic bodies really exist and if they come close to the solar system then they can affect all the planets and satellites. The discovery was made in a paper titled ‘Close Encounters of the Primordial Kind: A New Observable for Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter’. published Has been done

Black holes have always existed as a mystery in space. Recently a team of astronomers has discovered the most distant and oldest black hole ever discovered. This black hole has been observed in the very old galaxy GN-z11, which is 13.4 billion light years away. This black hole is about 6 million times bigger than the Sun and it seems that it is eating the material present in its surrounding galaxy 5 times faster.

The discovery could be a major step forward in understanding how supermassive black holes reached millions of billions of times the mass of the Sun in the early ages of the universe. Black holes are places in our universe where no law of physics works. There is only gravity and dense darkness. The gravity of black holes is so powerful that even light cannot escape from its effect. Whatever goes inside a black hole cannot come out.

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