Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Simple Energy and C4V join hands to create lithium-ion cell manufacturing ecosystem in India

New Delhi.
Simple Energy (Simple Energy) signed an MoU with lithium-ion battery technology company C4V to set up a lithium-ion cell manufacturing ecosystem in India. The lithium-ion battery cell is the central unit of any electric vehicle. In addition to leading the Build-in India initiative, this strategic partnership harnesses industry-leading safety, higher energy density than LFP, faster charging and longer live cycles based on C4V’s patented technology.

This MoU is C4V’s step towards stabilizing a comprehensive domestic supply chain in India, bringing together advanced lithium-ion battery technology, leveraging C4V’s technology for Simple Energy’s upcoming two-wheeler and four-wheeler Provides power to the vehicle’s form factors.

Speaking on the announcement, Shrestha Mishra, Co-Founder, Simple Energy, said, “Simple Energy is leading the Indian EV industry by vertically integrating the entire value chain, thus bringing better synergies and higher localization. By partnering with C4V, we will strengthen the supply of cells, which is a critical component for us. This strategy makes us more self-reliant and reduces our dependence on imports.”

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