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SIM Vs E SIM: Easy Data Transfer to Use 5 Networks at a Time, See Other Benefits of E SIM

New Delhi: E-SIM: In the next few days, the use of normal physical SIM will be reduced and soon e-SIM will replace physical SIM. In such a situation, the question also arises as to why an e-SIM is needed. What is the difference between e-SIM and physical SIM? Let’s learn in detail how and when both these SIMs can be used. A normal SIM is a small plastic card made of a few metal particles. It contains customer information. Mobile SIM card contains mobile number. From which you can make calls. Also, from receiving calls on the phone, you are able to access text and data. Contacts, phone numbers are stored in the SIM card. Which can easily transfer SIM from one phone to another.

What is e-SIM?

An e-SIM is a small chip in your phone. Which cannot be removed from the phone. It is also said that e-SIM will soon replace plastic SIM. With the help of e-SIM one can easily transfer from one network to another. There is no need to remove the SIM card or insert a new SIM. The biggest advantage is that 5 virtual SIMs can be stored in one e-SIM. This means you will be able to use 5 networks in a single e-SIM. Also, you can easily transfer from one SIM to another. In this you can shift to local network while traveling. E-SIM will eliminate the need for extra space in the phone. With the help of this, smartphone manufacturers can make phones slim and light.

How to use e-SIM?

To use E-SIM in phone you need to go to settings and add mobile plan. After that, you can use the SIM by scanning the QR code sent to your email id. You can add multiple e-SIM mobile plans to one phone. According to T-Mobile (American Telecom Company), you can add up to 10 e-SIM profiles at a time. But, it is not available in India at present.

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