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SIM linked with Aadhar card: How many SIM cards are being operated with your Aadhar card? Find out in 1 minute with this easy trick

Check SIM linked with Aadhar card: Do you know that many times thugs get the details of base card of others and get the SIM card issue in his name. If you want to know that there is no other SIM going on in your name then today we tell you tips for this. 

How to check how many numbers are linked to my Aadhar: We often get photocopies of Aadhaar cards and other papers deposited at different places for various works. Many times we feel that maybe someone has missed those papers and got a new mobile sim activated and wrong things are being done through it. If you also get such feelings, do not panic. Today we are going to tell you the tips through which you can know how many mobile numbers are registered on your Aadhaar card? 

9 SIM card on a base card

First of all, know that 9 SIM cards can be purchased on one Aadhaar card i.e. 9 mobile numbers can be registered. In such a situation, whenever you give someone a copy of your base card or other papers, do not ignore the apprehension that those papers may also be misused. So to reduce the possibility of misuse, write clearly on those papers in the middle that only the use of the work of the Amuk is. By doing this it will not be easily possible to buy a new SIM card (Check SIM linked with Adhar card) or other things through those papers. 

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Can get such de-activated number

Even after that you feel that there are many more mobile number activates incorrectly on your Aadhaar card, you can track them by adopting the methods below (Check SIM linked with Aadhar card ) can. Also, they can get blocked by complaining about those names. If you do not do this, your chances of getting into any legal difficulty will always remain. Today we will also tell you how you can get the unmarked numbers running in your name. 

How many phones are running on your Aadhaar card

To track the mobile numbers that have been activated incorrectly on your Aadhaar card, you will need to have to click. After this you have to put your existing mobile number in the column in this website. After this your mobile number one OTP will come, which you enter. Then you will have the option written ‘Action’ whether you want to get information about the mobile numbers running on your base card.

Can be done in this way de-activated

3 options will open in front of you as soon as you click this button. It will have mobile numbers written in front of that will be Required, Not requested and This is not my number. If you feel that a mobile number is not yours and someone has wrongly acquired a SIM in your name, then you are in this is not my number next to it Click the button. By doing this, your report will reach the automatic government and then the action to de-activate those numbers will be started. 


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