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Sim Card: So a corner of the SIM card is cut due to ‘this’ reason, see details

New Delhi: Sim Card Side Cut: Many things have changed since the invention of the mobile phone. With the advancement of technology, the world is becoming more modern and the phone and other things have changed in many ways. SIM card is a small part of mobile. Although the size of the SIM card is very small, its function is very important. But, have you ever noticed that the SIM card in the mobile is slightly cut on one side? Why is that There will be very few people who know why SIM card is cut. But there are still many people today who do not know this. Let us know why one corner of the SIM card is truncated.

How to get a previous SIM card:

The first SIM card was the size of credit and bank cards and this type of SIM card was for many years. It usually had the same electrical contacts. So that large cards can be cut into smaller sizes, SIM cards can be disconnected from the device and placed in any device

Types of SIM cards

The design of the phone was very simple when SIM cards were made for mobile phones. In earlier phones, the SIM slot was not cut. In such a situation many times people had to face difficulties while placing SIM card. It is said that the SIMs that came a long time ago were in the shape of a card. But, this is a very old story. Not only that, the SIM is so straightforward that people used to have trouble understanding the opposite. This could lead to SIM malfunction. With this problem in mind, telecom companies have changed the design of SIM cards.

So the corner of the SIM card was cut off. After that the SIM card slot was also changed accordingly. By doing so, people have no problem inserting SIM cards. For this small reason companies cut the corner of SIM and then it became a trend. The design of the SIM card tray in the smartphone also has a cut mark on one side. People did not have to face any problem again after this cut mark of tray and simcard.

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