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Sim Card Rule: If you too are not putting sim card in this direction, no internet will work, no call will be made!

Sim Card Tips: In every smartphone you get to see different types of SIM slots. People put their SIM card in it and use the smartphone. Many times it happens when even though the SIM is installed in the smartphone, neither the internet comes properly nor the calling is done properly. In such a situation, people do not understand what is the problem because even after having both the SIM cards, if the internet does not come properly in the smartphone or if there is a problem in calling then it becomes very difficult to know what is the problem. Keeping in mind that such a problem does not happen with you, we are going to give you some tips related to SIM card, due to which you can run internet in high speed as well as get the best calling experience, so let’s know what These are tips. 

Take care of slots

If you are inserting the SIM card regardless of the SIM slot, then it is good for you not to make such a mistake. In fact, many times people put emphasis on the SIM slot, in such a situation it can break. After this there may be a network problem. Sometimes your call may also break in the middle. 

SIM should be kept in slot 1 

If you want to run high-speed internet then you should always keep in mind that use the primary SIM in SIM slot 1 only. If this is not done, then the speed of the internet remains very low, as well as there is a problem while making calls.  

cleaning is necessary 

If you do not clean your SIM slot, then dirt may accumulate in it, after which the SIM stops working. If you do not want this, then you should try to clean the slot before inserting the SIM. 

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