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Sim Card: Now 3 SIM cards will run in Android 13, know how?

Every one of us knows that it is very important to have a SIM card in our smartphone for making calls, connecting to the internet and messaging etc. Without the SIM card, we will not be able to use our smartphone of no matter how heavy the price may be. Also, now the trend of e-SIM card is increasing rapidly, due to which 3 SIM cards will be able to run in a single phone.

Now 3 sim cards will run in one smartphone

Nowadays, a smartphone is used for many purposes other than calling and due to this companies are introducing new features in the smartphone to keep up with their competitors.

As smartphone companies have introduced new features, the size of the phone has reduced. For example, due to space constraints in smartphones, the size of SIM cards has gone from full to small, micro and finally nano SIM. However, now some companies have started replacing Nano SIM with Embedded SIM (eSIM).

However, there is a problem with eSIMs that may prevent them from being picked up. But now the worry will be removed because with the help of a new feature in Google Android 13, this problem will be solved and users will be able to use 3 SIM cards in the same phone.

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Actually, let us tell you that with the help of MEP, the SIM cards of two telecom operators will be activated on the same MEP. If Google releases this feature with Android 13, then after this you will be able to use three SIM cards simultaneously in a single smartphone.

Yes, in the coming time, three SIM cards can be supported in the flagship phone, out of which one will be a physical SIM card and 2 will be e-SIM card. Also, according to the report, the beta version of Android 13 can be released by the end of this month.



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