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Should the car be washed with detergent or not? What are its disadvantages?

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Car Wash Tips (PC: Unsplash)

If you are going to wash your car yourself, then the first question that will come to your mind is what to clean it with, whether to use detergent for it or not? The answer is no. The car should not be washed with detergent. Detergents can be harmful to car paint. The chemicals present in detergent can damage and spoil the car’s paint. Apart from this, using detergent on the inside can also damage the leather material and plastic parts present in the car.

car To wash the car, one should use shampoo specially designed for the car. Car shampoos are gentle on its paint and do not damage it. Moreover, shampoos help in making the car more shiny.

To clean the car yourself, you will need car shampoo, sponge or cloth, bucket, water, vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth, leather-plastic cleaning cream and glass cleaner.

Keep these things in mind while washing the car

  • Park the car in a clean and dry place.
  • Wash the car with cold water.
  • Apply car shampoo on the car.
  • Clean the car with a sponge or cloth.
  • Wash the car with clean water.
  • Before washing the car, close all the windows and doors of the car.
  • Do not wash the car in the sun.
  • When washing the car, pay attention to the lower parts of the car.
  • After washing the car, clean the inside parts of the car as well.
  • Let the car dry.

stay away from these mistakes

  • Do not pour a lot of water into the car at one time. Due to this, water can collect around the doors and windows of the car and some parts can get damaged.
  • Do not use hard material to wipe the car. This may cause scratches on the paint of the car. Use a dry cloth or cotton towel to dry the car.
  • Before washing the car, vacuum the car to remove dust and dirt. This will make it easier to wash the car and will help in protecting the car’s paint from damage.
  • When washing the car, pay attention to the bottom of the car. Mud and dirt often accumulate under the car, which can damage the paint of the car.

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