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Shortcut Keys: These shortcut keys are very useful for those who use laptop or computer.

If you also use a computer or laptop, then today we have brought information about some shortcut keys for you, which can be very helpful for you. Because shortcut keys make it very easy to work on a laptop or desktop, so you should also remember these shortcut keys so that they can be used whenever needed. So let’s know about some important shortcut keys in details.

These shortcut keys are very useful, remember you too

We have told about some important shortcut keys here, which you should also remember, because they are very useful shortcut keys.

Ctrl+A Key

If you do not know how to copy any text at once, then let us tell you that you can select all the text by pressing Ctrl + A and then pressing Ctrl + C, by this you can copy the text.

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Alt+F4 Shortcut Key

At the same time, with the Alt + F4 shortcut key, you can close the program opened on your laptop or computer and also shut down the system.


Similarly, with the help of Shift + Insert Key, you can paste any text anywhere.


If you’ve got a webpage open and there’s a lot of text but you want to search for a specific word, you can do so by pressing Ctrl+F. After this a search box will open where you type that word, if that word is used somewhere then it will appear in yellow color.

Esc Key

If you’re on a page that doesn’t have a back button, you can close the entire program by pressing the Esc shortcut button.


Ctrl + Z is used to Undo, while with the help of Ctrl + Y, Undo can be redo.


Similarly, if you want to save a file, then you can save it by simply pressing Ctrl + S.

If you were not aware of these shortcut keys before, then you can remember them now, so that if you can ever use it, then you can use it.


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