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Shooting video in motion on a fragile phone is stupid. Here’s a camera for that, with quality like the best iPhones.

For 44 thousand rubles, you can buy a Ricoh Theta V camera, the main feature of which is shooting 360-degree panoramas. By the way, GoPro also has a model with 360-degree shooting – GoPro Max, and it also costs around 50 thousand.

However, Ricoh is also not very keen on an action camera. by itself, it is not waterproof, but you can buy a special casing, which separately costs as much as 23 thousand rubles! (By the way, the GoPro MAX is waterproof and without covers.)

Ricoh also only shoots at 4K / 30 fps, but the quality, judging by the materials from the Internet, is higher than that of the GoPro.


To be honest, it’s impressive that GoPro managed to make a full-fledged action camera at the same time, waterproof and shockproof, and still keep it versatile enough. The ability to work as a webcam complements the picture. The only thing that GoPro is not suitable for is subject, as well as portrait photography. This camera “loves” to shoot action and wide shots, where a person, even if he is present, is a part of the world around him – perfect for vlogs, keeping a personal video archive (like you went on vacation with your family, for example), various filming.

GoPro can be attached almost anywhere – if you have any, even the most fantastic, need, then with a probability of 99.99% they have already come up with an accessory for this. Mounts under the saddle of a bicycle, on a tube, mounts on belts on the chest, on the head, on children, on a dog – all this is already there.

In fact, if you’re making video content, no matter what, the GoPro Hero 10 camera might come in handy. And most importantly, this baby fits easily in the palm of your hand, but at the same time “gives” you video in 4K / 120 fps or 5.3K / 60 fps.

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