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Shocking revelation in the report about aliens and UFOs!

A new study has come out about UFOs which says a lot about its truth. No one has any concrete evidence yet regarding aliens and UFOs. But the investigating agencies do not deny them either. UFO is used for such objects which are seen flying in the sky but no one knows what they are and where they came from. Similarly, another term is used which is called UAP, i.e. Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. An incident that no one knows about. If something is seen in the sky that is extraordinary, or which cannot be identified, then UAP is used.

There are often reports that UFO, or UAP observed. Now about this Study Has come forward. The study actually highlights the relationship between seeing such things and the environment there and the surrounding area. Meaning that if a UFO has been seen, what was the weather like there at that time, and where was it seen. Researchers investigated such reports for two decades, and discovered that such incidents were more likely to occur in completely clear skies.

The report says that if the sky is absolutely clear, and there is no light pollution, then the chances of seeing extraordinary objects are high. Researchers at the University of Utah took a deeper look into this relationship. He analyzed 1 lakh reports coming from the National UFO Research Center from 2001 to 2020, i.e. in 20 years. They found that in North America such things were seen more in places where the sky was open and there was darkness. Interestingly, these reports mostly came from places where there was more air traffic, or where military areas were created.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that whatever people have seen may be real objects, and not something that has come from outside the Earth. Yes, it is possible that the viewers may not have understood what it actually is. There have been reports from many parts of the world that UFOs have been sighted. But modern science has not yet been able to find evidence of this.

In this regard, a shocking report by a unit of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Report It came to light recently. The CIA has an intelligence unit named Office of Global Access (OGA). This unit collected pieces of crashed UFOs from all over the world. CIA unit found 9 evidences of crashed UFOs from around the world. Some of these are fragments of crashed UFOs and some are said to be safe. These are said to be space crafts which have not been made by humans. Before that, a NASA report had come out in which the agency had not ruled out the possibility of the existence of such crafts and aliens. An independent committee was formed to investigate matters like aliens and UFOs. 


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