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Shocking! Fake call apps are still available on Play Store, you can call anyone from desired or VIP number

There are also Android apps available on Google Play Store that users use to make VIP calls. Through these Fake Call Apps, users can call from the desired number.

Android is a very popular operating system. Because of this, many types of apps are available on it. There is also an app available on the Google Play Store, the official app store of Android, whose functionality you will be surprised to know. 

Fake Call Apps are also available on Google Play Store. With the help of this, users can call anyone from their favorite number. That is, if you want, you can call anyone from the VIP number or you can call from any number of your choice. 

It is quite surprising that such apps have not been banned yet. Very dangerous use of this app has also been done. Aaj Tak news channel  has already reported about this. Through this app, users can call anyone from anyone’s number.

The Fake Call App has been made available for download for free on the Play Store . But, credit has to be spent for making calls in this. Which can be purchased from Play Store. It is very expensive and the call rate is also high. 

But, many users use this app as a VIP number. That is, they can call another user from a particular number. Experts are constantly saying about this that this app can be misused.

That is, if a user wants, he can call someone else from your number and you will not even get information about this. This is called a spoof call. For this reason, experts believe that there is an urgent need to ban such apps. Now how long Google takes action on such apps, it will be a matter to be seen.

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