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Shocking event telecom operator pays Rs 60000 to customer for blocking number without warning Tamil Nadu case; Know what’s the matter

As soon as the person woke up in the morning, the person saw the phone blown away, the court reached it and became rich; Know what’s the matter

Telecom Operator Pays Customer: Recently, an incident has come to the fore in which a person was stunned to see his phone when he woke up in the morning. Know what happened that this person had to go to the court and how he became rich after going there.

Telecom Operator Fined Pays Rs 60000 to Customer: Imagine that after talking to your friends at night, you go to sleep comfortably and then wake up in the morning without any calls on your phone. Your phone number is blocked automatically. Gone! Feeling scared? If you are scared thinking this, then let us tell you that this has happened to a person recently. On waking up in the morning, this person is shocked to find his phone number blocked and let us tell you that this matter went to the court. The court made this person rich. Let us know what was the matter after all. 

Suddenly blocked person’s smartphone

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If you are wondering what we are talking about, then let us tell you that recently this incident has happened in Tamil Nadu. It happened that a man in Tamil Nadu woke up in the morning and saw that his phone number had been blocked. Seeing this, when the person called his telecom operator, he came to know that his number has not only been blocked by the company but it has also been allotted to another customer. These people were so angry that they filed a complaint against their telecom operator in the consumer court. 

When the person reached the court, he became rich 

As we told you just now, this person took the matter to the consumer court where after investigation it was found that the company was at fault because they blocked the number without any warning or explanation and then gave that number to someone else. The telecom operator had to pay heavy compensation for this. At the behest of the commission, the telecom operator gave 25 thousand rupees to the customer due to deficiencies in service, in addition to this, the company gave another 30 thousand rupees to that person because due to their move all the contacts of the person were lost and he also had to face mental trouble. Had to pay Rs 5000 more so that all the legal expenses of that person could be met. 

In all, the telecom operator paid a compensation of Rs 60,000 for blocking the number without warning and then passing that number on to someone else.

Do you know this?

Now because there is talk of blocking the phone in this case, we would like to tell you one important thing which is not only related to this matter, but it can also be very useful for you. The thing is that according to the law of the Telecom Authority of India (TRAI), if the customer is not able to make calls from any of his phone numbers for 90 days and the recharge value has fallen below Rs 20, then the company has to be called after those 90 days. The customer is required to give a grace period of 15 days. After the end of this grace period, the company can deactivate the phone number and give the number to someone else. 

In this case, the company did not give any warning to the customer and suddenly blocked the number due to which the user had to suffer heavy losses. 


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