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Shipping costs for Chinese cars have risen from $1,000 to $7,000. Where are Changan destined for Russia stuck?

Sales director of the Russian representative office of Changan Alexander Kulagin said that Changan Uni-K and other company cars cannot reach Russia due to the logistics crisis.

Changan Uni-K was supposed to be released in Russia at the end of last year, then the start of sales was postponed to the beginning of this year. If the military operation had not begun, then the cars would have appeared in Russia in March.

Most of our cars are stuck in Europe. Since the logistics were built in such a way that cars from China entered the port of Germany. There they were reloaded onto small feeder vessels, due to the fact that our ports do not accept large vessels with a large draft. And then they followed in small batches to the territory of the Russian Federation. Be it Novorossiysk, be it St. Petersburg.
Alexander Kulagin


He also explained that at one time, Changan used mainly rail transport, and now the cost of delivery has skyrocketed.
When the pandemic happened, the schemes also changed. We used to import all our cars by rail, because the tariffs were very adequate. For understanding: the cost of delivery of one car at one time cost 1200-1300 dollars. Today it is 5, 6, 7 thousand dollars. There is no “limit to perfection” and the greed of logisticians, since the situation has changed a lot in terms of the shortage of containers. Therefore, we switched to sea delivery,” said Alexander Kulagin.
Alexander Kulagin


Now the company is considering various schemes for transporting cars from Germany, in particular, through the Estonian port of Paldiski, but a decision has not yet been made.

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