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Shinwon Corporation Revolutionizes Fashion Trend Prediction with AI and Big Data

South Korean fashion giant Shinwon Corporation is harnessing the power of AI and big data technology to stay ahead in the fast-evolving fashion industry and meet customer demands effectively.

To understand market trends and consumer preferences, Shinwon employs various techniques, including trend analysis, social media analysis, and online market sales data analysis. By examining actual sales data segmented by market and category, the company identifies preferred colors and patterns. This comprehensive approach allows Shinwon to offer a service that leverages deep learning and machine learning technology to predict future fashion trends.

Shinwon’s strength lies in its extensive AI-powered data analysis capabilities, which cover retail price trends, inventory trends, sales status, colors, and designs. In 2023, AI data analysis accounted for 20% of their market intelligence (MI) data, and they plan to increase this percentage further this year. By using collected data and AI analysis results, Shinwon helps consumers better understand market trends and make informed decisions before product supply.

Sue Lee, VP of Design and R&D, emphasized, “We analyze vast amounts of data with AI technology to predict trends based on objective and scientific evidence. Our designers then curate final design insights based on their understanding of Shinwon’s brand DNA and market trend awareness.”

Shinwon has also developed top-notch production skills for knitwear, sweaters, and waders at its six overseas production subsidiaries in countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. The company is expanding its international market share, receiving favorable reviews from global customers, including Target, Walmart, Gap, Columbia, and Patagonia.


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