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Shiftall MaganeX – World’s first 5.2K HDR VR headsets (total)

Shiftall, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, has unveiled the MaganeX VR headset featuring 2.6K x 2.6K OLED Lightning micro displays (2560 x 2560 pixels each) with all-plastic optics developed by Kopin.

The manufacturer attributes MaganeX to its low weight (250 g) and the ability to track head movements in six degrees of freedom, as well as the presence of SteamVR applications. The small size of the displays, equal to 1.3 inches, and the small thickness of the optical system allowed the glasses to be small and light. In turn, the small size and weight allow you to wear glasses for a long time without experiencing discomfort, which makes the MaganeX compare favorably with today’s bulky VR headsets. The glasses are adjustable for interpupillary distance and diopter, so that they can be used without corrective lenses.

Panasonic’s new VR glasses use 2.6K x 2.6K OLED displays

The glasses support frame rates up to 120 Hz and 10-bit color representation. Using the patented ColorMax technology, in collaboration with Lakeside Optoelectronic Technology, Kopin has been able to optimize the two-tier OLED structure for color accuracy. The sRGB color space coverage is over 100%. At the same time, a very high current efficiency and brightness of more than 1000 cd / m2 are achieved.2… The contrast ratio is over 10,000: 1. The bottom line is “studio quality” HDR VR. The optical system generates an image equivalent to viewing a screen with a diagonal of 5 meters from a distance of 3 meters.

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The manufacturer has not yet announced the start date for sales. The estimated price of the glasses is no more than $ 900.


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