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Shiba Inu became the favorite of Ethereum whales, came third in the top holdings due to fierce buying!

Shiba Inu remains the favorite cryptocurrency for Ethereum whales these days. There are frequent reports of Shiba Inu purchases by Ethereum whales. What’s more, this meme cryptocurrency has entered the top 5 holdings of Ethereum whales and has established itself as the largest non-stable coin holding. That is, Shiba Inu comes third in the holdings after the native digital currency Ethereum (ETH) and USDC in Ethereum whales. To put it in other words, Shiba Inu has become the largest non-stable coin holding for Ethereum whales after leaving Ethereum.

cryptocurrency According to WhaleStats, a platform that tracks data from whale accounts, the top 2000 Ethereum whales are increasing the number of Shiba Inu in their portfolio. And, according to the released data, this number has increased so much now. shiba inu mime cryptocurrency It has become the largest non-stable coin holding except Ethereum. Data from WhaleStats shows that Ethereum whales currently hold $217 million worth of Ethereum coins, $60.5 million worth of USDC and $5 million worth of Shiba Inu coins.

Shiba Inu Recently included in the top 10 holdings of Ethereum whales. A few days later, it has joined the top holdings of Ethereum whales. Apart from the Shiba Inu, there are other tokens on which Ethereum whales are increasingly betting. These include Bitpanda’s BEST Decentraland’s MANA token.

Currently Shiba Inu is setting many new records. These also include the burning of tokens. According to Shiba Inu’s burn portal, more than 56.2 trillion tokens have been burned. Earlier last month the lead developer of Mime Cryptocurrency Shytoshi Kusama (fictitious name) revealed that the current cryptocurrency bearish market is a good opportunity to buy or burn Shiba Inu. Kusama said investors should take advantage of the Shiba Inu’s low price. Investors can increase the Shiba Inu’s holdings at this time or burn them to remove them from circulation.

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