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Shell is bringing 6 electric scooters and bikes with a range of up to 80 km, know the price

Shell is the brand that people know for petrol, diesel and different types of motor oils. Now, according to a media report, this company is rapidly moving towards green mobility. The company had established the Shell Ride brand last year as part of a partnership with a company named Lotus International, which has now reportedly announced a range of electric bikes and electric scooters.

The Verge’s according, Shell Ride has announced the SR-5S as well as the SR-4S and SR-6S electric scooters. Reports suggest that Shell is neither making nor selling these electric scooters, but the company has given a license to use its name to Lotus International and if you are wondering that it is the popular car maker Lotus, then you are wrong Interestingly, the report states that Lotus International also does not manufacture these e-scooters, but handles their distribution and marketing.

of the official website of the brand accordingAt present, only the SR-5S electric scooter is available for sale, which costs $ 529.99 (about Rs 42,000). Apart from this, the price of SR-4S is $499.99 (approximately Rs. 40,000) and SR-6S is priced at $799.99 (approximately Rs. 64,000). Both these electric scooters are currently not available for sale. The website also reveals that Shell Ride is in the process of bringing three electric bikes named SR-3B, SR-4B and SR-5B soon. Of these, the SR-3B is priced at $1,199.99 (approximately Rs 96,000) and the other two are priced at the same $1,899.99 (about Rs 1.51 lakh).

Talking about the available model SR-5S for sale, this e-scooter has a maximum range of 30-32 km and a top speed of 25-32 kmph. At the same time, the top speed of the SR-6S is similar to that of the SR-5S, but it has a range of 32-40 km. Finally comes the SR-4S, which is a low speed electric scooter. It has a top speed of 16-20 kmph and a maximum range of 11-13 km.

At the same time, the maximum range of SR-3B and SR-4B electric bikes will be 48-80 km, while the full charge range of SR-5B is said to be around 40 km.

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