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Shark Tank India’s 13-year-old girl gets Rs 50 lakh funding for app

New Delhi: Startup based reality show Shark Tank India It seems to be gaining huge popularity right now. Many entrepreneurs came to this event, they won the hearts of not only the people but also the testers with their ideas. Many also received large funding through this program. The testers of Shark Tank India are also in special discussion. People are searching for various information such as education and wealth of these examiners. Many of the entrepreneurs who took part in it surprised everyone with their innovative ideas. One such 13-year-old girl is currently in the spotlight. The girl won the hearts of sharks with her business idea and also got a fund of Rs 50 lakh. Who is this girl and what exactly is her business idea? Let’s find out now.

13 year old living in Gurugram Anushka Jolly Shark Tank had arrived in India with a different idea. She said that a digital platform was created 3 years ago. Its name Anti Bullying Squad –ABS Is. The squad has benefited thousands of students from more than 100 schools and universities with the help of educational institutions, social organizations and experts. She also mentioned the ‘armor’ app created for this concept. This idea was also liked by the examiners of the program and she got a funding of Rs. 50 lakhs.

Anushka yours Kavach App He said that this app will help children and students to avoid bullying. This app can be used to report annoyance if someone is harassed. She explained how she came up with the idea for the app, saying it was at a school event five years ago. In it, some other students made fun of others. This incident changed her mind. That’s when she decided to create something that could help. She created an app that allows students and parents to report bullying incidents without mentioning their names.

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