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Shares of Tata’s trusted TCS fall by Rs 1000, fall 6%

TCS Share Price Nse : Shocking news is coming out about Tata Group, one of the biggest companies of the country. Let us tell you that the companies associated with Tata Group are performing well in the stock market. Today people trust and invest in the shares related to them. At this time, a big and trusted share of Tata Group has fallen by more than Rs 1000. According to the experts of the stock market, this is a good opportunity to buy it now. If you invest in shares, it will give good returns in the coming time.

Drop above Rs 1000
Shares of Tata Group’s IT company TCS (TCS Share Price), which people could not dare to buy it due to cost, they can take today. Today this stock has come in your budget. Let us tell you that the share of TCS has fallen by more than Rs 1000 from the high level of 1 year i.e. it has become cheaper.

TCS shares near 52-week low
The stock of Tata Consultancy Services is very close to its 52-week low. The stock has fallen 17% in the last 3 months. Still, experts are advising to invest in it. Alam is that out of 45 experts, almost half have advised to invest in it. Quite a lot are also advising to hold it.

Down 6% in 1 month
Let us tell you that the expert has kept its target price at Rs 3660. The 52-week high of this stock is Rs 4,043. Now at the end of the trading session on Wednesday (July 13), it has come down to Rs 3,023.85. This stock has fallen by more than Rs 1000. In the last 1 month itself, this stock has come down about 6%. At the same time, if we look at the figures of 3 months, then there has been a decline of 17.02 percent.

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