Monday, March 4, 2024

Shaderoom is now able to re-draw user’s photos in different styles

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Users of the mobile application Shaderoom from Yandex can now change their own images and photos in it. The new YandexART will process photos with the help of «filters» — eight creative modes. Images can be stylized under plush or knitted toys, stills from cartoons, pixel graphics, hand-drawn pictures, and also add to them a winter atmosphere, neon lights and flowers.

The new YandexART completely redraws the image in the user-selected style, preserving similarity to the original. For styling you need to select one of the «filters» and load the image from the gallery of the mobile device. Changed neural network images can be published to the web page or saved to your device. In the near future, Yandex promises to add other creative modes to Shadowroom, as well as the ability to create your own modes of processing images using text requests. These can be shared in applications, social networks and messengers.

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