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Set Wi-Fi at ‘this’ place in the house, internet speed will not decrease, see these tricks

New Delhi: Today, almost everything we do is incomplete without the Internet. Everyone needs internet now. Whether it’s important office work or online shopping, every job requires internet. In such cases some people use mobile data while some people use WiFi. Usually WiFi speeds are better than mobile data so many people prefer it. But, the real problem comes then. When Wifi The speed of also starts decreasing. When this happens, many important tasks get lost. If you also want to increase the speed of Wi-Fi internet, then these tips and tricks will definitely come in handy.

Adjust WiFi channel: Complaints of low internet speed due to WiFi channels are more common among people living in apartments or colonies. If your internet speed is low, first check which channel your WiFi is on and change it to the channel that is being used the least. That way, you can speed up your WiFi instantly. Always keep a wired connection: When purchasing WiFi for your home, try getting WiFi with a wired connection. Wired connection will give you better speed than wireless. The wireless wifi router is easy to use. But, wired connection will give you better speed.

Keep your router in the ‘perfect’ place: When you set up WiFi in your home, try to place your WiFi router in the right place. If you want the best results for your WiFi router, never place a Wi-Fi router where there is a TV, Bluetooth speaker, any kitchen appliance or other electronic device. They can interfere with the signal. Android users can check the Wi-Fi signal with the help of WiFi Analyzer app. You can go to the app and see the network. Network information will be listed as dBm. Also, you can turn off your router, modem and restart. You can also restart the device to which Wi-Fi is connected.


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