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Servants’ salary less than the expenses of dogs, 18 hours of work and passport confiscated, these serious allegations against Hinduja family

Allegations on Hinduja Family: The Hinduja family, one of the richest Indians in Britain, is fighting a legal battle in a Swiss court. The Hinduja family is accused of keeping its Indian servant staff hostage and paying them low salaries. According to the petition filed in the court, the salary paid by the Hinduja family to their servants was even less than the expenses of the Hinduja family’s pet dog. Let us tell you what is the full case of these allegations against the Hinduja family.

Domestic staff lodged a complaint

A domestic staff filed a complaint against four members of the Hinduja family. These four members are 78-year-old Prakash Hinduja, his wife Kamal Hinduja, their son Ajay and daughter-in-law Namrata Hinduja. The staff alleged that he was brought from India and his passport was confiscated. He used to work in the Lake Geneva villa of the Hinduja family in Switzerland. He was made to work 18 hours a day. But he was paid only 8 dollars a day as salary. While the daily expenditure on the pet dog was at least 27 dollars. Whereas in places like Britain and Switzerland, the average daily salary of a househelp is around 60 dollars.

Hearing is taking place in Switzerland

The hearing of this case related to the Hinduja family is going on in a Swiss court. During the hearing, the staff directly accused of exploitation. It was said that it was not written anywhere in the staff contract that you will be made to work 18 hours or that the staff will be present when needed. There was no such condition. And it was also not written that the owner’s order will be required to leave the house. At the same time, the Hinduja family also clarified the whole matter. The family said that the domestic staff was always given respect. The staff is misleading the court. If he is watching TV sitting with the children, will this be counted in the working hours? No, right?

The Hinduja family is Britain’s richest family. It has a wealth of more than 1200 billion rupees and employs 2 lakh people. It has business in many sectors including banking, finance, energy, infrastructure, real estate.


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