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Senior citizens should take care of these things while doing online transactions, you will be safe from fraud!

Banking Fraud: In today’s time, there has been a big change in the methods of banking. In such a situation, people prefer to make online payment instead of going to the branch. The use of credit cards, debit cards, net banking has increased very fast in the country. Senior citizens also nowadays prefer to make digital payments using online medium. But, with the increasing use of digital mode, there has been a rapid increase in the incidents of online fraud.

Senior citizens are becoming victims of most frauds nowadays. If you are also a senior citizen and make payment through digital mode like credit card, debit card etc. then it is very important to take care of some things. So let’s know about this-

1. Do not use public networks
Nowadays, many incidents of banking fraud are coming to the fore through public networks. Cybercriminals steal people’s personal data through common networks. After this, he makes senior citizens his victim through bank details.

2. Do not use common computer
Keep in mind that while doing any kind of banking transaction, do not forget to use a common computer. By doing this your personal information reaches the hackers. After this, they can use your bank details and personal information to steal lakhs of rupees from your account.

3. Do not take help from unknown person to withdraw money from ATM
Many times senior citizens go to withdraw money from ATM, then many times they take help of some unknown person. Avoid doing this because many times fraudsters replace your ATM card with a fake card in the name of helping. After this, after getting the information of the PIN from you, withdraw all the money from the bank.

4. Avoid sharing bank and personal information over the phone
If a person calls you in the name of doing KYC of bank account and asks about bank details and personal information, then do not give your personal information to him at all. Keep in mind that the bank does not call anyone like this and ask them to update KYC at all. Along with this, protect yourself from fake messages as well.

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