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Send secret message to Gmail, no one will know, see ‘this’ easy trick

New Delhi: Many people around the world every day Gmail Services. Gmail is widely used today for everything from office work to school work. If you are an Android smartphone user, then you must be using Gmail. Gmail, launched on April 1, 2004, is widely used today. In this case, the Gmail service has been given many features in the last 18 years. Which can make your daily work easier. Gmail has many secret features that very few people know about. Today we are going to tell you how to send a secret message to other users. For this you have to follow some simple tricks.

Gmail messages are sent in two ways: There are two options for sending secret messages from Gmail. One of these is CC option, the other is BCC. But very few people know about the use of these two features. CC means carbon copy. So, BCC is a blind carbon copy. But there is a big difference in the use of both. If you don’t know how to send Gmail secrets, find out. If you want to send a Gmail message to 10 people, you have to put one person as a Praimary Sender in the To option. So the three people to be placed in the loop will have to be added to the CC option. If 6 people want to send messages secretly, they have to be placed in BCC option.

In that case, when the message reaches all these 10 people, only the people with 2 and CC options will know about Gmail Message. This message will also be sent to those four people. But, these four people will not know that 6 additional messages have been sent to 6 people. Also, you may not know that Gmail also has offline access mode. You can read mail without any internet connection. In addition, you can also respond and search for it. To take advantage of this feature, you need to add a bookmark to mail.google.com. This unique feature of Gmail only works with Chrome.

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