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Sell ​​Old Phone: Want to sell old phone? Know where to get the right price

Sell ​​your old smartphone at a better price.

Selling old smartphones on online platforms in India is an easy and convenient way. On these platforms, you can estimate the value of your old smartphone by giving its information. If you like the deal then you can sell your smartphone on these platforms. There are many online portals in the market which provide such facilities. Let us know who can get you a better price for your old phone.

You do not need to go anywhere to sell your old phone through online platforms. You can sell it sitting at home. This is a fast way to sell phones. once you’re older smart fone If you are ready to sell, you will get payment soon. This is considered a safe way to get a better price for an old phone.

Online platforms to sell old phone

These online platforms can provide better prices for old smartphones-

OLX: People use OLX a lot to sell old phones. Here you can easily create ads and find potential customers. If you get a good deal, you also get good money.

Cashify: This is a dedicated online website which helps you in selling your old phone. You immediately know the value of your phone. With this, you can sell your phone sitting at home and also gets the facility of free pickup.

Quikr: Here also you can easily make an ad for your old phone. Quikr helps you get better rates. Here you get a clean payment gateway, through which payment is made easily. This is a special site for selling old electronic items including old phones. You can buy and sell used phones from here. You see the price, and may even get free pickup service once the deal is finalized.

Cashkar: The main focus of this website is recycling. Here you can easily sell your old smartphone or device in exchange for cash. Cashkar helps you find great deals.

InstaCash: Free pickup service is also available on Instacash. This mobile app shows the price of old smartphones. If you like the deal, you can sell the phone.

Amazon: E-commerce platform Amazon also provides the facility to sell old phones. You can list your phone in its mobile phone division. If you get a better price then you will get the payment easily.

It is important to keep in mind that the price of an old smartphone depends on the brand, model, condition and market demand. Therefore, it would be better to compare the prices on different platforms.



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