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Self-organizing social network – a way to get away from the dictatorship of the creator and developer

Cryptocurrency decentralization gave rise to the idea of ​​creating a social network where the community could independently establish rules and regulate what is happening within the platform. And social capital and activity will bring profit to users.

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without social networks. We write messages to friends, share photos, leave comments and follow the news. Scrolling through the publications of media, bloggers and friends, we learn about what is happening nearby and around the world. But it’s no secret that the news agenda is somehow influenced by the developers of the platforms we use. According to their algorithms, as on trodden paths, we pass through the published publications. The computer decides what to look at and what to turn off.

A striking example of developer dictatorship is the blocking of Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram profile. In addition to the ban, Trump’s speeches were removed from Facebook, as it was believed that the statements of the former US President pushed his supporters to storm the American Parliament building on January 6, 2021. Today, in the largest social networks, excessive activity is blocked, censorship is introduced, and the dictatorship of the platform owner arises. Rigid centralization is born, subordinating to itself all rights, both to content and to behavior in relation to any informational occasion.

Because of this, a need arose for fundamentally new formats of interaction between users and the platform, and the decentralization of the cryptoindustry gave an idea for implementation. The development of the Stelexy social network is based on the user’s activity and his position in the network. The functioning of the social lift occurs by increasing the rating and choosing one’s role in a particular subject area. In this strategy, a sense of self-worth is realized, and there is also a reward for activity.

There is no developer moderation at Stelexy. This function is performed by the users themselves, chosen by other users of the social network to be a moderator. The developers can themselves remove the content only if the material violates the law. The implementation of the principle “everything is like in life” allows users to create unions, parties, communities, which can carry out their campaigns to attract like-minded people and increase influence throughout the community as a whole. But this does not happen under the administration of the creator, as in all networks at the present time, but thanks to the developed rules of communities that independently make decisions on the acceptance or condemnation of certain content or some action.

Developers are trying in a playful way, as close as possible to the realities of life, to build a virtual world for users, where all their ideas will be realized. The community of the Stelexy network is built on a clear distribution of roles with rewards for activity in the form of internal cryptocurrency, as well as recognition by other users. Writing posts, reposting, tagging, getting subscribers and other actions allow you to add points to the user that increase his rating. An increase in the rating and the duration of the online presence will allow you to move to the next levels of social positions.

Living an increasingly active virtual life, people reveal their hobbies, interests, addictions, weaknesses, fears, desires and dreams. This allows you to study a person in detail, with an understanding of his needs and goals. It becomes easier for corporations, companies, any organization to build their strategy of relations with such people, both privately and with entire communities. In a social network, it is possible to structure all users not only according to their place of residence, but also according to their professional interests and personal preferences, offering them goods and services that meet their desires.

In addition, for social activity and growth, users will receive a part of the advertising income of the social network. This will create the most attractive platform in the world, although the creator does not rule out that this approach in relation to advertisers and users can be copied by others.

We are witnessing a rapidly changing world. We see ordinary people, not being celebrities in film, sports, art, literature, politics or science, become popular by creating content.

What attracts people to follow these people and take the time to come back to them again and again deserves to be independent of the developer’s censorship. This approach ensures that some information is not hidden from the user, that he will not miss anything important and interesting. The society clearly realized that alternative platforms are needed – social networks built on the principles of self-organization and decentralization of management.

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