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Self-charging hybrid cars sold more than diesel cars, record for the first time in Europe

With the changing technology, people are looking for options that give them more convenience. Something similar is also in the case of cars. Self-charging hybrid cars that run on both an internal combustion (combustion) engine and a battery have overtaken diesel cars in terms of sales. This record has been made in Europe, where this has happened for the first time. Data shows that 48 self-charging hybrid cars sold more than diesel cars. This gap may not be much, but it has put people’s craze towards hybrid and electric cars in front.

According to Reuters, data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association shows that in the year 2021, a total of 19 lakh 1, 239 self-charging hybrid cars were registered in the European Union. This is a significant jump from the 1.1 million registered in 2020.

At the same time, the registration of diesel vehicles has collapsed after the Dieselgate scam in 2015. It fell by one third to 19 lakh 1 thousand 191 from 2.77 million in the year 2020.

Similarly, one in every 11 cars sold was battery-electric, and a total of 880,000 battery-electric vehicles were sold.

Self-charging hybrid cars have a battery charged by an internal combustion engine and can run a limited distance, usually with the help of electric power.

Plug-in hybrids are primarily powered by a battery charged outside. They are considered more environmentally friendly, but they are also supported by internal combustion engines. In comparison, battery-electric cars run only on batteries.

Government subsidies were in effect for vehicles with low or zero emissions. In the year 2020, it crossed the one million cell mark for plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles.

Plug-in hybrids are seen by carmakers as a technology to transition to fully electric cars. But they have been criticized by environmental groups, as studies have shown drivers rely more on internal combustion engines. This allows vehicles to emit more carbon.

At the same time, petrol remained the most common fuel, but there was a decrease in the registration of petrol cars in 2021 as compared to 2020.

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