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Seeing a doctor via a smartphone will soon become the norm: why is it good

The presence of full-fledged medical devices allows you to more accurately assess the indicators of your body and consult a doctor if necessary. However, the data from smart watches and bracelets still help a person notice suspicious changes in dynamics in time and, if necessary, schedule a consultation with a specialist.

According to Dmitry Domarev, director of development of the online medical service at SberZdorovye, not just medical gadgets that allow tracking health indicators, but solutions that unite the patient, his device and the attending physician into one circuit will receive further development. This will allow the patient not only to measure health indicators, but also to track their dynamics, receive reminders and recommendations in the mobile application, and, if necessary, receive medical assistance.

Portable blood glucose meters, glucometers and pulse oximeters are already available today, the data from which are transmitted to the attending physician “live”. For example, the SberHealth platform for monitoring the state of patients with chronic noncommunicable diseases using an artificial intelligence module monitors the patient’s health indicators, records the dynamics and draws the attention of the attending physician if the indicators have exceeded the norm. Then the doctor calls the patient and can adjust the treatment or medication regimen, and in an emergency, call an ambulance. And all this without face-to-face admission. In the future, such technologies and devices will reduce the “distance” between the patient and the doctor, and improve the quality of life of people with chronic non-communicable diseases.

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