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See the review of the new Range Rover Sport Petrol, it is equipped with many features

Range Rover Sport Review: Range Rover is a name among luxury cars around the world which is one of the most popular SUV cars in the whole world. The bigger Range Rover is the flagship SUV in the series, but its smaller version is also a great package, which is known as the Range Rover Sport. It gets almost all the luxury features of the bigger Range Rover and a more ‘sportier’ driving experience, hence the name.

range rover sport look

Talking about the look of the new Range Rover Sport, its length is more as well as it is quite attractive in appearance. Despite being such a big SUV, it does not feel bulky and comes with a sharp look. The new Range Rover Sport has been given a new styling design from the larger Range Rover. Which includes a simple and round shaped design. It is sharp slimmer with thinner lamps all around. Its door handles have also been given a shutline design. The massive 22-inch wheels look stunning, making it an attractive package.



Stepping inside by opening the large doors reveals the same high-quality cabin as the larger version, though the Sport version gets a new steering wheel. A large 13.1-inch curved touchscreen looks great on the dashboard, along with a digital instrument cluster. The rest of the layout is clean. The new Range Rover Sport gets a lot of stuff, including a digital rear view mirror, air suspension, leather upholstery, a full glass roof, digital LED lights, soft close doors, heated/ventilated massage seats and a head up display . There is ample room on the rear seats, though it is not as adjustable as in the bigger Range Rover. But are quite comfortable as compared to other cars in the segment.

driving experience

The new generation Range Rover Sport is easier to drive than the older version and the steering is also very light, due to which there is no problem in spite of being so big. We drove the P400 with a turbocharged 6 cylinder petrol engine that produces 400 PS of power and 550 Nm of torque mated to a mild hybrid system. The engine is very good in terms of refinement and it makes very little noise. Due to the light steering, it does not take much effort to drive this big SUV. It grunts like a V8 engine when shifted into ‘S’ mode, making a big difference in the performance of the engine with the ‘Sport’ tag for the new generation Range Rover Sport. It is a lot of fun to drive in this mode and it even beats its competitors in this regard. It is very easy to drive even with its massive 22 inch wheels.

ultimate off roader

Being a Land Rover, it gets the new Terrain Response System, due to which it is a step ahead of its competitors. It has a ground clearance of 300 mm and a water wading capacity of 900 mm. This means that apart from being a smooth SUV, it is also a great off-roader.


In many respects, the SUV may look a bit expensive compared to its competitors at a price tag of Rs. 1.6 crores, but being an off-roader, it is quite an attractive package with great looks, features and a great driving experience.



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